• People’s Daily issued a commentary furthering warnings that China will leverage its dominance of the rare earth mineral market in the trade conflict with the US (see Propaganda Work section).

  • Xi Jinp...


  • Party media ran multiple articles this week on the US-China trade war, each signaling that China is reluctant but willing to turn to more aggressive measures and prepared to engage in a protracted fight (...

[At the Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, Taiwan by Winston Chen on Unsplash]

Senior Leaders

Xi Jinping Gives Speech Marking 40th Anniversary of the “Open Letter to Taiwan Compatriots”


1.2  Xi Jinping doubled down on the g...

[An exhibit commemorating Reform and Opening Up/Xinhua]

40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up

Ren Zhongping: The Common Undertaking of Hundreds of Millions: Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up...


  • Kim Jong-un made a surprise visit to China to meet with Xi Jinping. State media reports of the visit emphasize China’s integral role in affairs on the Korean peninsula ahead of the anticipated summ...


  • The CCP Politburo meeting on 8 December discussed economic work in 2018, and stated that work would persist in the new development concept and ensuring stability.

  • China’s Supreme People’s Proc...

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