Xi Jinping celebrated the 20th anniversary of Macau’s return to China in Macau this week (see Senior Leaders section). 

Party media publicized last week’s Central Economic Work Conference, emphasizing stabilit...


The Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing (see Senior Leaders section). 

The National Religious Organizations Joint Conference was also held this week (see Senior Leaders section). 

Xi Jinping ma...


The Politburo met to discuss economic work for 2020 and improving the construction of “clean party politics” (see Senior Leaders section).  

People’s Daily ran two series of commentator articles condemnin...


People’s Daily published a commentator series on the Hong Kong protests. While the commentaries condemned the violence of Hong Kong protesters, the overarching concern of the commentator series was the percei...


The Central Committee released new guidelines for party member education and training and, with the State Council, guidelines for patriotic education (see Senior Leaders section).  

At the BRICS Summit in...


The Central Committee released its “Decision” document from its Fourth Plenum (see Senior Leaders section).

The various CCP department and organs focused on “studying and implementing the spirit of the Fourth...

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