Immediate Opening: The Center for Advanced China Research (CACR) is seeking to hire a full-time Research Assistant/Program Manager to actively contribute to CACR’s core research projects.


About CACR: CACR is a non-profit research organization that conducts Chinese-language research on China’s domestic politics, foreign affairs, and security policy. CACR engages with US and partner-country policymakers, China specialists, and the broader public through the production of high-quality analysis of Chinese politics in the form of regular reports, blog posts, and contributions to scholarly publications. CACR is an independent, non-partisan 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.


Job Description:


  • Collaborate with CACR analysts to advance the research and analysis mission of CACR.

    • Conduct Chinese-language research on Chinese politics, foreign affairs, and security policy for public works and other analytical products. 

    • Translate and summarize Chinese-language content from PRC core newspapers and journals. 

    • Analyze trends in US-China relations, current issues in Asian affairs, and Chinese domestic politics for US Government consumption.

    • Assist in preparation of presentations and briefings. 


  • Manage CACR projects and office under the direction of CACR analysts

    • Help manage CACR’s team of interns in conducting research and analysis.

    • Manage CACR’s social media accounts

    • Provide editorial assistance for CACR publications

    • Assist in the administrative management of CACR’s office 


Ideal Qualifications:


  • Holds advanced degree in China/Asian Affairs/International Relations

  • Excellent Chinese language research skills. Ability to pass a timed language assessment.

  • Excellent analysis, writing, and communication skills.

  • Experience with social media.

  • Ability to engage in focused, undistracted work

  • Desire to contribute to CACR’s nonprofit mission




The position pays an annual salary of $50,000/year, with healthcare, 401K, dental, and vision benefits.

Application Instructions:


Please send a paragraph describing your interest and qualifications (in body of email), your resume, and two references to  

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Center for Advanced China Research | 1519 Connecticut Ave  NW Ste 300 | Washington DC, 20036|  | (202) 525-4424 

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