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  • David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Brock Erdahl, Sandy Lu

Weekly Report 1|11 12.09.2017-12.15.2017


  • The CCP Politburo meeting on 8 December discussed economic work in 2018, and stated that work would persist in the new development concept and ensuring stability.

  • China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate concluded after investigation to prosecute former Politburo Member and Chongqing Party Secretary Sun Zhengcai.

  • CCP discipline efforts struggle to eradicate the “four forms of decadence,” which continue to manifest in cadre behavior as they feign compliance.



Xi Jinping Presides Over Politburo Meeting to Study 2018 Economic Work

12.8 Xi Jinping presided over a Politburo Meeting on 8 December to conduct research on economic work in 2018. The meeting noted that 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up and is a key year for comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society and implementing the thirteenth five-year plan. The spirit of the 19th Party Congress should be comprehensively implemented using Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guide to reinforce the Party’s leadership over economic work. The meeting signalled out financial services strengthening, poverty alleviation, and pollution reduction as three battles that need to be won. It stated that economic work will persist according to the new development concept and the five-in-one development framework, which is comprised of economic building, political building, cultural building, societal building, and ecological building. Emphasis would continue to be placed on high-quality development and making progress while ensuring stability (稳中求进).

Xi Jinping Visits Jiangsu, Stresses Learning 19th Party Congress Spirit

12.12-13 Xi Jinping emphasized during his visit to Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province that deeply learning and implementing the spirit of 19th Party Congress is the primary political task for the Party and the country. He visited industries, villages and the revolutionary museum and inspected the processes of economic and social development. Xi said that state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are the critical material and political base of socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and deepening reform should be conducted according to the deployment of the 19th Party Congress to improve their level of management. He also emphasized that innovation is the source of competitiveness for an industry, and that enterprises should follow the reforms that the 19th Party Congress laid out for quality, efficiency, and motivation improvement. Xi stressed the importance of Party organizations at the village level, stating that its role should be strengthened to promote the Party’s views, implement the Party’s decisions, lead governance work, unite and mobilize the people, and push for reforms.



Zhong Sheng: Australia’s Understanding of China Must Be Based on Facts

12.11 A People’s Daily commentary reacts to Australia’s new law against foreign interference under the pen name Zhong Sheng (钟声), which stands for “Voice of China” and/or “Sounding the Alarm Bell” and authoritatively transmits the official positions of People’s Daily on matters of international affairs, urged the Australian government and media to uphold the principle of using facts and abandon political prejudice and bigotry while handling issues relevant to their country’s relations with China. It also states their reaction thus far amounted to hysterical paranoia with racist undertones, which tarnishes Australia’s reputation as a multicultural society, and claims this incident reveals Australia’s foreign relations are opportunistic. It ends with a call for Australia to engage in dialogue to resolve differences and sensitive issues.

Zhong Sheng: Resolving Israeli-Palestinian Issues Should be Based on Justice

12.12 A Zhong Sheng commentary urges the world to work together on reinstating stability in the Middle East. The article points out that the United States’ recent announcement on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has caused conflicts in Jerusalem and the West Bank. The international community should provide a stable and positive energy to peace in Middle East instead of bringing new variables and risks to the region. The commentary states that if one tries to benefit from provoking problems in the region, its own security will be harmed too. The commentary concludes that only through the two-state solution can talks start again and solutions be found through negotiation based on justice.

People’s Daily Editorial: Remember History and Vow to Rejuvenate

12.13 People’s Daily published an editorial commemorating the 80th anniversary the Nanjing Massacre--a “dark page in human history and forever a pain of the Chinese people.” The article emphasizes that there is sufficient evidence to prove that the massacre happened; therefore, any actions that try to tamper with the history and deny this violence will not be tolerated by the Chinese people. As socialism with Chinese characteristics entered a new era, the Chinese nation has stood up, grown rich, and become strong. The editorial calls on the world to join the great work of building a community of shared future for mankind and put in great effort to build a world with enduring peace and common prosperity. Chinese people have endured the pain of this massacre; therefore, they understand more about how easily peace can be taken for granted. Because of this, China’s determination to develop peacefully and establish a future with hope and world peace is firm. From beginning to end, China has been making a bigger contribution to mankind, and has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor of global development and a defender of the world order, the editorial concludes.



Xi Jinping Presides Over CCP Central Committee’s Non-Party Members Symposium

12.10 Ahead of the annual Central Economic Work Conference on Monday, December 18th, which will set the CCP’s economic agenda for 2018, the CCP Central Committee convened a meeting of non-Party members to hear their opinions on economic policy. Xi Jinping himself presided over the forum and delivered an important speech. Xi said that at this stage in China’s development, the priority of the CCP is to manage a transition from a period of rapid growth to a period of “high-quality development.” Achieving high-quality development is necessary for sustaining economic growth and achieving a modernized socialist country. He expressed that the CCP relies on the support of non-Party members in achieving these goals.



Xi Jinping: Rectifying the Four Forms of Decadence and Improving the Party’s Conduct Must Not Stop

12.11 In recent comments on a Xinhua article titled “Be on Guard against the New Manifestations of Formalism and Bureaucratism,” Xi Jinping emphasized that the Party’s efforts to rectify the four forms of decadence and improve the Party’s conduct must not stop. He stated that the article reflected the current state of affairs in which seemingly new behaviors are actually old problems, indicating the resilience of the four forms of decadence. He also stated that all areas and departments must especially target the problem of seeming to adopt the right watchwords and point of view but failing to follow through in practice.

CCDI Official Answers a Xinhua Reporters’ Questions on the Four Forms of Decadence

12.11 Xinhua News Agency published an interview concerning the Party’s efforts to rectify the four forms of decadence with an anonymous official from the CCDI. The official said these efforts must continue without intermissions or rests. He stated that, while hedonism and extravagance have decreased since the 18th Party Congress’ anti-corruption crackdown, they have taken on new, more concealed manifestations. He also warned ten distinct manifestations of formalism and bureaucratism, such as failing to carry out important central orders and only going through the motions during inspections still exist, and cadres guilty of these two forms of decadence must be seriously punished and not shown any tolerance.

Supreme People’s Procuratorate Opens Case Against Sun Zhengcai

12.11 China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate concluded after investigation to prosecute former Politburo Member and Chongqing Municipality Communist Party Secretary Sun Zhengcai (孙政才) with the charge of taking bribes. The procuratorate announced that it has opened its criminal proceedings against him.

CCDI Exposes Eight Model Cases of Corruption and Work Style Problems in the Poverty Assistance Field

12.14 The CCDI reported eight “model cases” of corruption in the local poverty alleviation bureaus across China. Indiscretions ranged from embezzlement and misappropriation of funds to the arbitrary relocation of poor communities. The CCDI emphasized that eradicating poverty is the solemn promise of the Party and a political task that must be accomplished.



CMC’s Notice Requires Army and People’s Armed Police Force to Subscribe to PLA Daily

12.11 The Central Military Commission Political Work Department recently released a notice asking the PLA and the People’s Armed Police to take effective measures on implementing the work of subscribing to People’s Daily, Qiushi Journal and PLA Daily for 2018. According to the notice, any violation should be punished, and military institutions including hospitals should subscribe to PLA Daily, according to the regulations. Units at all levels should also support the use of new media platforms of the PLA Daily and other central and military publications to expand their media reach.



12.6-8 International Department Assistant Minister Wang Yajun (王亚军) led a 19th Party Congress Spirit Foreign Propaganda Group on a trip to Bangladesh. He met with the General Secretary of the Bangladesh Awami League Obaidul Quader, Chairperson of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party Khaleda Zia, leaders of left-wing parties, and think tank, media, and business community representatives.

12.8 Deputy Head of the CCDI Li Shulei (李书磊) led a 19th Party Congress Spirit Foreign Propaganda Group on a trip to Finland. He met with the Speaker of Parliament Maria Lohela and former Prime Minister and current Center Party presidential candidate Matti Vanhanen, and held a meeting with over 50 government, political party, think tank, media, and business community representatives.

12.8-11 Wang Yajun (王亚军) led a 19th Party Congress Spirit Foreign Propaganda Group to Pakistan. He met with leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Speaker of the National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and Pakistan Movement for Justice Chairman Imran Khan. Wang was also the keynote speaker at a thematic briefing on the 19th Party Congress, which included comments on cooperation with Pakistan on the Belt and Road Initiative.

12.11 International Department Deputy Head Li Jun (李军) held a joint meeting with Arab diplomatic envoys to China. He said China resolutely supports the restoration of Palestinians’ legitimate national rights, the two-state solution, and a completely sovereign and independent Palestine with its 1967 borders and capital in East Jerusalem. The Arab envoys expressed their appreciation for China’s long-standing support and hope their countries and China can continue to closely cooperate to realize peace and stability in the Middle East.

12.8-11 Organization Department Deputy Head Gao Xuanmin (高选民) led a 19th Party Congress Spirit Foreign Propaganda Group on a trip to Germany. He served as the CCP’s representative at the Social Democratic Party of Germany’s party congress and met with that party’s leader Martin Schulz. He also spoke at the Körber Foundation.

12.11 International Department Assistant Minister Shen Beili (沈蓓莉) met with Russian State Duma member and A Just Russia inspection team head Alexey Chepa and welcomed him to the 8th China-Russia Small and Medium-Sized Business Cooperation Roundtable Conference in Beijing.

12.11 Shen Beili (沈蓓莉) met with an entrepreneurial delegation from Kazakhstan’s Ak Zhol Party in Beijing.

12.11-13 All-China Women’s Federation Party Secretary and Vice President Song Xiuyan (宋秀岩) led a 19th Party Congress Spirit Foreign Propaganda Group to Panama. She delivered a speech to over 260 people and met with representatives from the Panameñista Party.

12.12 International Department Deputy Head Xu Luping (徐绿平) met with a Belgian multiparty group led by Chamber of Representatives member and Chairman of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives Committee on Home Affairs Brecht Vermeulen in Beijing.

12.12 International Department Deputy Head Guo Yezhou (郭业州) met with an American Foreign Policy Council delegation led by former Under Secretaries of State William Schneider Jr. and Robert S. Joseph in Beijing.

12.13 Gao Xuanmin led a 19th Party Congress Spirit Foreign Propaganda Group to visit the European Union headquarters at the invitation of the Party of European Socialists. The two sides discussed China-EU relations, and how they could deepen cooperation through the Belt and Road Initiative.

12.14 International Department Minister Song Tao (宋涛) visited the Seychelles to meet Seychelles Vice President and People’s Party President Vincent Meriton. Song spoke of the CCP’s interest in strengthening cooperation with African political parties, while Meriton praised the CCP for not attempting the export the “China model” and basing state-to-state relations as well as inter-party relations on the principle of mutual respect.



12.10 Ding Zhongli (丁仲礼) was elected chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic League.

12.15 Gao Xiang (高翔) was appointed Deputy Director of the CCP Central Internet Security and Informatization Leading Group Office (Cyberspace Administration of China).

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