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Weekly Report 1|18 2.17.2018-2.23.2018 (Chinese New Year Edition)


  • The CCP Central Committee issued its Second Five-Year Plan (2018-2022) on the Central Committee’s Formulation of Intra-Party Regulations. The plan aims to adapt Party regulations to the "new era."



Xi Jinping Congratulates South Africa’s New President

2.17 Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory telegram to South Africa’s new president Cyril Ramaphosa, naming him an old friend of the Chinese people. Xi stated he attaches great importance to China-South Africa relations and looks forward to working with South Africa during the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (中非合作论坛) and BRICS Summit later this year.

Politburo Standing Committee Holds Meeting to Hear Briefing on the Xiongan New Area

2.22 Xi Jinping presided over a Politburo Standing Committee meeting and listened to the planning of the Xiongan New Area (雄安新区) in Hebei. The meeting stated that the planning and building of the Xiongan New Area is considered a strategic decision of the Central Committee with Xi at its core to deepen the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region (京津冀). The meeting emphasized that building a high-level modernized socialist city requires patience, and that building the Xiongan New Area needs to adhere to Xi’s thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and international standards. It should be built as a smart and green area that promotes innovation.

Central Committee Issues Second Five-Year Plan (2018-2022) on Intra-Party Regulations

2.23 The Central Committee issued its Second Five-Year Plan (2018-2022) on the Central Committee’s Formulation of Intra-Party Regulations (中央党内法规制定工作第二个五年规划). The plan aims to adapt Party regulations to the new era so as to uphold and reinforce comprehensive leadership of the Party. It includes improvements to regulations on the Party’s organization, leadership, self-building, and supervision safeguards. The majority of the improvements are supposed to be completed before the Party marks the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2021.



Zhong Sheng: The Light of Truth Passes through History

1.23 The commentary pen name “Zhong Sheng” (钟声) reflected on the 170th anniversary of the publication of The Communist Manifesto. It argued the 2008 global financial crisis and Western society’s growing economic stratification demonstrate Marxism is increasingly important in the 21st century. According to the commentary, the new explorations and practices of socialist China are constantly enriching and developing Marxism, pushing it toward ever greater influence in the modern world. It also claimed Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era is the newest achievement of Marxism’s sinicization and a guide for the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese People.



PRC Supreme People’s Court: Punish Judicial Corruption with a Zero Tolerance Attitude

2.19 The Supreme People’s Court of the PRC held a video conference on the courts’ work on improving Party conduct, upholding integrity and fighting corruption in 2018. It affirmed that judicial corruption has to be treated with a zero tolerance attitude. The conference pointed out that many courts have not fully followed or implemented the political and organizational disciplines required of them, and problems persist with the four forms of decadence. The Supreme People’s Court demanded all courts to focus on investigating and punishing the corrupted leading cadres at courts.

Pushing Forward Comprehensive Strict Governance of the Party Cannot Stop

2.21 Head of the CCDI’s Discipline Inspection Team at the Supreme People's Procuratorate Wang Xingning (王兴宁) published an article on studying and implementing the spirit of the 19th CCDI’s second plenary session on the commission’s website. He stated the group intends on focusing on four important types of work going forward. These are resolutely defending Xi Jinping as the core, making sure Party cadres adhere closely to party discipline, continuing to increase the strength of anti-corruption inspections, and effectively implementing comprehensive strict governance of the Party.

Party Cadres Must Guard against Corruption at Their Fingertips

2.22 Reporters from Hubei Daily interviewed the head of the Policy and Statute Research Office of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission about sending and receiving red envelopes via WeChat during the Spring Festival. The head warned cadres to be cautious when interacting with people that they serve or manage, since discipline violations are at their fingertips regardless of the amount of money involved. The head also emphasized discipline regulations contain clear provisions stating cadres should not receive gifts, money, or shopping vouchers that exceed the limits of normal reciprocity or influence their ability to fairly execute their duties. The article cited two cases from Fujian in which senior police officers lost their jobs after accepting red envelopes worth more than 10,000 RMB.

Violations of the Eight Point Guidelines in January 2018

2.22 The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection reported that in January 2018, 4,058 cases were investigated, 5,641 individuals were punished, and 4,327 individuals across China received Party and governmental disciplinary punishments for violations of the Eight-Point Guidelines. None of these violations occurred at the provincial-rank level. The most common violations were granting subsidies and benefits, sending and receiving gifts and money, and using public funds for banquets.



Learn and Implement Xi’s Speech on the Work of News and Public Opinion

2.20 A PLA Daily commentary discussed the important lessons of the Xi Jinping-led news and public opinion work conference two years ago. At that February 2016 meeting, Xi emphasized the Party’s leadership over news and public opinion work. The commentary stated that PLA Daily should love the Party, protect the Party, and serve the Party. Over the past two years, PLA Daily has published editorials and commentaries every time Xi made important speeches and directives. More than 400 stories, 80 commentaries on theory, and 700 online articles had been posted to prepare for the 19th Party Congress. PLA Daily comments that, facing the rapid development of new forms of media and in the face of ideological struggles, innovation is needed now more than ever in the Party’s work on news and public opinion.

Refuse WeChat Red Envelopes during the Spring Festival

2.22 A political instructor in a combined-arms brigade of the 78th Group Army recently sent a proposal for celebrating the Spring Festival with integrity in a WeChat group for the relatives of PLA officers and men. The proposal aims to put an end to corruption by expressly forbidding the use of WeChat, Alipay, and other mobile payment platforms to send and receive gifts. The brigade also issued regulations on celebrating Spring Festival with integrity and had Party cadres sign a commitment on doing so. The political instructor warned the PLA must be on guard against red envelopes even if they are worth very little since corruption is difficult to stop once it starts.



CIRC Vice Chairman: Give Real Teeth to Insurance Regulatory Work

2.21 China Insurance Regulatory Commission (保险监督管理委员会) (CIRC) Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui (陈文辉) said in an interview with People’s Daily that the insurance industry by its nature is a business that disperses and manages risks, which is related to the overall development of the financial industry, economics and society. Chen mentioned that 2017 was called the “strictest supervisory year” (最严监管年); 306 insurance institutions and 447 persons were put under administrative punishment in the first half of 2017 alone. Chen suggested that the insurance industry strengthen its accountability system for supervisory work and aim to assist work on supply-side structural reform, guaranteeing the people’s livelihood, and social governance. He added that the insurance industry will also work with big data, internet, and artificial intelligence technologies to better fulfill the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life.

CIRC Legally Takes Control of Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd

2.23 CIRC issued a statement announcing the prosecution of Anbang Chairman Wu Xiaohui (吴小晖) and an immediate takeover of Anbang’s management by CIRC to be in effect no longer than one year. The announcement stated the takeover will not change Anbang’s debt balance, and that after investigation the company’s operations were found to be generally stable.



2.19 International Department Vice Minister Guo Yezhou (郭业洲) led a CCP delegation to Nepal and met with Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) Chairman and newly appointed Prime Minister K. P. Oli in Kathmandu. He expressed China’s interest in creating a community with a shared future with Nepal. Guo also met with leaders from the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre), Nepali Congress, and Federal Socialist Forum, and other Nepal parties.

2.23 International Department Vice Minister Xu Lvping (徐绿平) met with Ethiopian Ambassador to China Brhane Gebrekirstos. Xu stated that the ambassador’s tenure coincided with socialism with Chinese characteristics entering the new era, and that China is willing to work together with Ethiopia to begin a new era in China-Ethiopia relations. The ambassador expressed strong faith that China will realize all of the magnificent goals set by the 19th Party Congress, and wished to advance the Ethiopia-China comprehensive strategic partnership’s continuous development.

Image Source: AP

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