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Weekly Report 4|71 5.7.22-5.13.22


Politburo Standing Committee Member and State Council Premier Li Keqiang (李克强) attended and gave a speech at the National Teleconference on Stabilizing Employment Work. (See Senior Leaders section)

People’s Daily published a Commentator Article on the Hong Kong chief executive election. (See Propaganda Work section)

The Communist Youth League (CYL) held a celebration of its centennial at which Xi Jinping delivered a speech on the important potential of youth. (See Senior Leaders section)


Senior Leaders

Li Keqiang: Assist as Many Market Entities as Possible to Stabilize [Their] Jobs, Strive to Expand Jobs, [and] Ensure the Completion of Annual Employment Goals [and] Tasks; Hu Chunhua also Attends and Gives Speech

5.7 Politburo Standing Committee Member and State Council Premier Li Keqiang (李克强) attended and gave a speech at the National Teleconference on Stabilizing Employment Work. In his remarks, Li pointed out that the current employment situation is “complex and severe,” and all regions and departments should increase the implementation of the “employment-first policy” (就业优先政策) and maintain stable employment and economic performance. He declared that retaining market entities and stabilizing jobs will be “key to winning the future,” and so it is necessary to focus on supporting stable jobs; “push enterprises to resume work and achieve production under the conditions of epidemic prevention and control; accelerate the implementation of tax relief policies; and “help as many market entities as possible” to maintain employment, especially micro, small, and medium enterprises, as well as independent, small-scale businesses. Li stressed the need to expand employment, continue to promote reforms to “delegate power, streamline administration, and optimize services” (放管服), implement policies related to mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation, and expand the scale of “cash-for-work.” He called for expanding employment of key groups such as college graduates and migrant workers, doing a good job in providing employment assistance to those in difficult situations, and continuing to carry out large-scale vocational skills training. Li then called on all localities to creatively implement the above-mentioned policies to ensure the completion of the annual employment goals and tasks and to “take practical actions to welcome the victorious convening of the 20th Party Congress.”

Politburo Member and State Council Vice Premier Hu Chunhua (胡春华) also attended the meeting and delivered a speech. In his speech, Hu emphasized that it is necessary to “resolutely implement the spirit” of Xi Jinping’s and Li Keqiang’s instructions, unswervingly adhere to the general policy of “dynamic zero” (动态清零), efficiently coordinate epidemic prevention and control with socioeconomic development, and do a sound job stabilizing employment in the current and next stages. He cautioned that the “risks and challenges faced by employment have increased significantly” due to multiple factors at home and abroad. Hu emphasized that the national social security system should “take stabilizing employment as the current top priority, strengthen and improve employment services in a targeted manner, mobilize the initiative of various employment service forces, and strengthen the ‘accurate push’ of employment information.” Lastly, Hu stressed closely tracking the employment situation, finding signs and tendencies in a timely manner, and effectively preventing and resolving potential risks in areas such as labor relations.

Sun Chunlan: Unshakably Persist in General Policy of Dynamic Zero, Firmly Consolidate the Hard-Won Results of Pandemic Prevention and Control

5.9 Politburo Member and State Council Vice Premier Sun Chunlan (孙春兰) chaired and spoke at a meeting of the State Council Joint [Pandemic] Prevention and Control Mechanism. She emphasized uniting action and thought with the spirit of Xi Jinping’s “important speech” on pandemic policy, implementing Central Committee and State Council policy deployments, unshakably persisting in “dynamic zero” (动态清零), and bringing the pandemic under control to create a favorable environment for the 20th Party Congress. Sun stated that China’s response to the spread of the Omicron outbreak had reached a new stage, calling for further progress and improved implementation of existing policies such as the “four earlies” (四早: early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment) and the “four shoulds and four extents” (四应四尽: to treat, test, admit, and investigate [cases] to the [greatest] extent). Moreover, Sun called for improvements to monitoring and reporting of cases, such as the establishment of testing areas within 15 minutes walking distance for all residents in major cities and ensuring the rapid, accurate reporting of data. She also called for measures including better planning and provision of material reserves to isolation and hospital facilities to ensure they can rapidly begin operating; implementing normalization of pandemic prevention and control work and “closed loop management” (闭环管理) at the grassroots level; continuing vaccination, with a focus on the elderly; and to the greatest extent, minimizing the pandemic’s impact on daily life and production.

Meeting to Celebrate Communist Youth League of China’s 100th Anniversary Conducted Ceremoniously in Beijing

5.10 The Communist Youth League (CYL) held a celebration of its centennial at which Xi Jinping delivered a speech on the important potential of youth. The event was attended by the entire Politburo Standing Committee and “relevant leading comrades” of the Central Secretariat, National People’s Congress, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Central Military Commission.

First discussing the history of the CYL’s contributions to the Party and nation and praising the loyalty, ideals, and vitality developed through this experience, Xi then expressed his four hopes for the CYL regarding its mobilization for the second centenary goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. First, “persist in educating people for the Party (为党育人),” becoming a “school of politics (政治学校) guiding the ideological progress of China’s youth.” Second, “conscientiously take on [the CYL’s] duties,” as the “pioneering force in organizing the perpetual struggle of China’s youth.” Third, connect emotionally with youth, and serve as the “firmest bridge and tie to connect the Party to youth.” Fourth, bravely engage in “self-revolution” (自我革命), as a “frontmost vanguard organization of the times closely following the Party.” Xi stressed that members of the CYL should be exemplars of having the correct political ideology and values, including those of Marxist theory, socialism with Chinese characteristics, core socialist values, and patriotism; exemplars of deep study, responsible work, and innovation; exemplars of having courage and ability to struggle; exemplars of arduous struggle and selfless devotion, by standing with the people and being pragmatic regardless of hardships; and exemplars of high morals and strict discipline.

Xi then emphasized the CYL’s cadres being firm in loyalty to the Party and the CYL’s spirit of idealism. He said these cadres must be close to the masses, serving as “friends of youth, and not ‘officials’ to youth”; foster a responsible and effective work style with the courage to work in difficult environments; and maintain honest discipline and moral conduct. He stated that on the “new journey” of national rejuvenation, the Party is the “vanguard unit” (先锋队) the CYL is the “commando unit” (突击队), and the Young Pioneers are the “preparation unit” (预备队); and the CYL should coordinate links between the organizations and help lead youth through admission to each as stages in a process. Xi called for all Party committees and groups to study the characteristics of modern youth; place energy on youth work; care for, work for, and guide youth; and prevent and resolve issues with youth work and CYL cadres. Finally, Xi emphasized the great potential of youth and the need to care for youth to achieve this potential.

Politburo Standing Committee Member Wang Huning (王沪宁), presiding over the event, stressed the significance of Xi’s remarks and called for their study and implementation. The first secretaries of the CYL and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, He Junke (贺军科) and Chen Gang (陈刚), also delivered remarks.


Propaganda Work

People’s Daily Commentator: Pay Concrete and Detailed Attention to All Aspects of Pandemic Prevention and Control Work With a Spirit of “Time Won’t Wait For Me,” Fight For Every Moment in Action

5.8 A People’s Daily Commentator Article focused on pandemic prevention and control work, referencing Xi Jinping’s 5 May speech to the Politburo in which he emphasized total unity, mobilization, and deployment to fight the current “critical phase” of the pandemic. The Commentator Article said that since mid-April, the current COVID wave had begun to decline, with the situation achieving general stability around the May Day holidays. Reiterating Xi’s remarks, it said the country had “withstood the most severe prevention and control test since the battle to safeguard Wuhan” and obtained “phased results.” The Commentator Article added that an important reason for this was an emphasis on speed above all, and that the strictness, rapidity, and concrete detail of COVID-response measures had formed a forceful, sturdy, and effective barrier to the pandemic’s spread. It reiterated the importance of speedily and accurately implementing the Central Committee’s decisions and deployments and persisting in the “dynamic zero” (动态清零) policy in order to defeat the current wave. The Commentator Article stressed the need to prevent a resurgence of cases and consolidate successes in fighting the pandemic, maintaining a high sense of urgency and responsibility. It noted the continued high rates of the pandemic around the world and the virus’ continued mutation, specific vulnerabilities of China’s population and healthcare resources, and the need to protect vulnerable communities such as children and the elderly. The article added that only when the pandemic is effectively brought under control can daily life and economic functions resume, hence the importance of speed and accuracy. It stressed that China had gained experience in fighting the pandemic, and thereby learned the importance of the “four earlies” (四早: early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment). The Commentator Article stated that at this stage of the pandemic, the response needed to focus on “comprehensiveness” (综合性) in preventing the virus’ spread, and concluded by reiterating the need to persist in the current overall COVID policy.

People’s Daily Commentator Article: New Practice of “Patriots Governing Hong Kong” Selects the Good and Capable and Opens a New Chapter

5.9 People’s Daily published a Commentator Article on the Hong Kong chief executive election. It noted that “this is the first chief executive election to be held since the improvement of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) election system” and is an example of implementing “patriots governing Hong Kong” and “One Country, Two Systems.” The article noted that “some oppose-China, stoke-chaos-in-Hong Kong elements (反中乱港分子) entered the governance framework through all sorts of elections and unscrupulously (不择手段) interfered in, obstructed, and damaged the SAR government administration and Hong Kong’s normal governance order.” It emphasized that the improvement of the election system was “a necessary move to rule Hong Kong according to law and bring order from chaos (拨乱反正)” and that it is a “fundamental policy to safeguard national security and the rule of law and order in the SAR.” The article explained the expansion of the Election Committee and highlighted the grassroots efforts of Chief Executive-Elect John Lee (李家超). It claimed that “all walks of life universally believe that the new election system makes campaign activities more rational, fair, and orderly; emphasizes the people’s livelihood and development more; pays more attention to the candidates’ capabilities and qualities; and is beneficial to electing patriots with strong governance abilities, guardians of ‘One Country, Two Systems,’ promoters of good governance, and promoters of integration into overall national development.” The article asserted that “the practice of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ in Hong Kong has reached a new level” before concluding that it will “inevitably achieve greater success!”

People’s Daily Commentator: Modern Youth Must Dauntlessly Fight for First Place in the Race of Realizing National Rejuvenation

5.13 A People’s Daily Commentator Article, one of several on Xi Jinping’s 10 May speech at the centennial of the Communist Youth League (CYL), focused on Xi’s remarks about the role of youth in achieving the “Chinese dream” of national rejuvenation. First, the Commentator Article discussed the history of Chinese youth, saying that since the May Fourth Movement of 1919, China’s youth have been concerned for the “motherland and people”; enthusiastically thrown themselves into the “great Party-led projects of revolution, [socialist] construction, and reform”; struggled for the sake of the country, the people, and a better life; and contributed to national rejuvenation. It particularly praised the CYL’s members for their love of the Party, state, and people, obedience and sacrifice to the Party, and contribution to historic achievements. Secondly, the Commentator Article discussed the historical moment and responsibilities facing modern youth, namely, building a modern socialist country, the new voyage towards the second centenary goals, and national rejuvenation. It stressed that this will require continued struggle and progress, and that it is the youth of the new era’s mission to uphold the Party’s leadership and accomplish these goals alongside the people. Third, the Commentator Article discussed the need for youth to commit themselves to progressing these goals, requiring qualities that should be exemplified by CYL members such as idealism, morality, perseverance, and resilience in spite of hardships. Finally, the Commentator article concluded that the vow of the CYL and Young Pioneers attending Xi’s speech– “The Party can be reassured, [for] the strong country has me” (请党放心、强国有我)– should be emulated by all China’s youth, who can successfully fulfill the aforementioned responsibilities.


Central Military Commission

Do a Good Job in Employment Work for Graduates from the First Round of Expanded Recruitment of Retired Soldiers for Vocational Higher Education

5.7 The Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Education held a video conference on the employment of veteran graduates from vocational higher education institutions and approved the mobilization and deployment of employment work. The meeting noted that the total national number of college graduates this year was over 10 million for the first time and that the number of veterans graduating exceeded 300 thousand. Mentioning the challenges of COVID-19, the meeting stated the importance of seizing the “critical period” before veterans graduate to improve and implement employment methods. The meeting proposed that relevant departments at all levels coordinate their functions, strengthen personnel training and career development guidance, and do a good job in all aspects of employment services. It also advocated the promotion and improvement of entrepreneurship policies, platforms, and services, among other actions. It called on local colleges and universities to offer targeted career planning and employment guidance courses to improve veterans’ job-seeking skills and their competitiveness in the job market.


United Front Work

Fifth Cross-Strait Youth Development Forum Held in Hangzhou

5.11 The fifth meeting of the Cross-Strait Youth Development Forum was held in Hangzhou, attended by about 450 youth delegates from the mainland and Taiwan. Politburo Standing Committee Member and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Chairman Wang Yang (汪洋) spoke and delivered congratulations on behalf of Xi Jinping and the Central Committee. Wang said the Forum was an important platform for cross-strait youth exchange held in spite of “all kinds of unfavorable influences and artificial interference,” demonstrating “the strong wish of compatriots on both sides of the Strait for cooperation and exchange.” Wang stressed the common desires of people across the Strait for peace, development, and a better life. He noted that now that the mainland has completed the first centenary goal and begun progressing towards the second, it will “provide a wide space for compatriots across the Strait, particularly youth, to join hands” to work hard and progress, encourage Taiwanese youth to follow their dreams in their mainland, and “create better conditions” for cross-strait exchange and cooperation. Wang said that despite increased instability in “the Taiwan Strait situation” and “‘Taiwan independence’ forces” acting as the “greatest practical threat” to people across the Strait’s joining hands to create a better life, “unification of the motherland, the historic wheel of national rejuvenation,” and people across the Strait’s progress towards joint creation of a better life are all unstoppable. He stressed that youth will inherit the task of national rejuvenation, and expressed his hopes that Taiwan’s youth would contribute to this task by supporting the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, opposing Taiwan independence, and opposing “external forces’ interference.”


International Liaison Work

5.10 CCP International Department (CCP/ID) Deputy Minister Shen Beili (沈蓓莉) spoke at the opening of a webinar for leaders of the São Paulo Forum parties, representing more than 30 parties from fifteen Latin American countries.

5.10 CCP/ID Assistant Head Li Mingxiang (李明祥) spoke at the opening of a webinar for cadres of the Congolese Labor Party, which was attended by PRC Ambassador to the Republic of the Congo Ma Fulin (马福林), Chargé d’Affairs of Congo’s Embassy to the PRC Roger Emmanuel, and Congolese Labor Party Politburo member and Permanent Secretary for Organization and Mobilization Gabriel Ondongo.

5.11 CCP/ID Head Song Tao (宋涛) hosted an Innovative Development Forum for Young Political Elites of Israel and China’s ruling political parties, including representatives from six political parties in the Knesset’s ruling coalition. Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and head of the Yisrael Beiteinu party Evgeny Sova attended.

5.12 Song Tao held a videoconference with the president of Ecuador’s Creating Opportunities (CREO) Party, Guido Chiriboga.


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